Ersel Pharma Ukraine


  1. Marketing research
    1. Size of market estimation. We possess our partners’ data about monitoring of market of medicines in Ukraine across all categories which allow us to estimate the attraction of one or another product/segment.
    2. Sales forecasting. Based on retrospective data for sales dynamics of any group of interest, we prepare sales forecasts for a specific medicine starting from its supposed date of launch.
    3. Analysis of product economic attractiveness. Holding data for Ukrainian retail pricing principles in the groups of interest, knowing the level of promotion costs for similar products and having prepared sales forecasts, we estimate economic prospects of a specific medicine.
  2. Drugs promotion
    1. Customer preference study for a specific market sector. Qualified personnel of Ersel Pharma Ukraine have an experience in conducting researches about the most significant characteristics of medicinces both among final consumers and physicians/pharmacists.
    2. Study of promotional activities of the market participants. Owing to our partners, we possess data for activity of TV and non-TV promotion of practically all medicines in the Ukrainian market.
    3. Determination of key groups of influence which make decisions on the selection of a specific medicine. Our specialists can make a Ukrainian market-oriented determination of the most efficient group of influence for a specific medicine.
    4. Determination of product’s USP for corresponding key groups.
    5. Determination of the best channels of communication with the key groups.
    6. Advertising strategy development and implementation. We have strong links with advertising agencies, TV and radio channels, as well as our own external division of medical representatives, by means of which we implement the developed strategy efficiently.
    7. Development and management of BTL programs. Our employees have wide experience in holding BTL programs.
    8. Management of programs for opinion leaders and medical community. Relations with opinion leaders facilitate quick and effective support of a medicine in a specific segment at different scientific events.
  3. Our advantages
    1. Our main advantage is qualified personnel with a wide work experience in the pharmaceutical market of Ukraine and CIS countries.
    2. Responsibility in work delivery.
    3. Cost efficiency of provided services.
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