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Papalor is a pharmaceutical product combining the safety of plants and the high quality of a European manufacturer that complies with all EU GMP requirements.

As an active component, Papalor contains an extract of the medical plant P. Sidoides, which inhibits viruses and bacteria adhesion to the cells of the respiratory tract. But even after the causative agents have affected some cells, Papalor blocks their further reproduction and protects healthy tissues. Therefore, Papalor is effective in all stages of the disease.

Due to the marked immunomodulatory and mucolytic action, Papalor helps the body to mobilize its own forces to fight infection and facilitates clearance of the respiratory tract. This allows Papalor to reduce duration of the illness and relieve its manifestations as well as to reduce the risk of complications.

Papalor may be given to adults and children aged 1 year and older.

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