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Modern medicine with L-carnitine for correction of metabolic processes.

Action of Agvantar?
L-carnitine (levocarnitine or vitamin B11), the active ingredient of Agvantar is an amino acid, a related group of vitamins B, conventionally called the "vitamin of growth." In natural conditions, it is synthesized in the body. It is involved in metabolic processes as a carrier of fatty acids through cell membranes from the cytoplasm to the mitochondria to form energy (in the form of ATP).
L-carnitine normalizes protein and fat metabolism, restores the alkaline reserve of the blood, and increases motor activity and improves exercise tolerance. In addition L-carnitine helps to remove metabolic products from the cells, allowing the cells to continue functioning actively and freely, and alloving to mitochondria to produce energy from fatty acids.
Levocarnitine normalizes the elevated basal metabolism in hyperthyroidism, as a partial antagonist of thyroxine, stimulates the secretion of gastric juices, thereby increasing appetite.

Important safety information of Agvantar:
- it is possible to use for children from birth
- no cases of overdose

When Agvantar is used?
Agvantar is used when the body needs the energy support:
- for premature infants
- during rehabilitation after diseases (SARS, influenza, etc.)
- asthenic syndrome
- during high emotional and mental stress
- at increased physical activities and sports
- in the treatment of children suffering from vascular dystonia
- in the treatment of children, with cardiac failure, cardiomyopathy
- with chronic renal failure with long-term use of hemodialysis

Presentation of Agvantar?
For easy of use and dosing Agvantar comes in the form of oral solution in vials of 30 ml and 100 ml. 1 ml of oral solution contains 200 mg of levocarnitine. The exact dosage of the drug is carried out using a syringe or a measuring cup in the original packaging.

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