Ersel Pharma Ukraine


Formed in 2009 idea to establish a pharmaceutical company belonged to young and dynamic doctors who studied in Europe and desired to make their dream real. Along with the European mentality and up-to-date knowledge, they possess a strategic foresight and are able to see beyond the horizon. Therefore, they understand perfectly well the core challenges of the future development of the industry: firstly, the continuous progress of the medicine with new biological developments and important researches; secondly, specific demographic trends; and finally, technological advancement (globalization process) which is to be considered by modern pharmaceutical companies.

The company is trying to use the above in its work, setting to complex tasks and nonstandard projects.

Our main operational principles are openness and transparency in relations and flexibility in adjustment to market’s requirements, well-balanced portfolio of products, high quality standards and fair price.

The above approach, as well as the right strategy (of promotion), has allowed our company to develop and register a few products in this short time. A line of products that we plan to launch in 2011 is under development.

While planning the range of products, Ersel Pharma has concentrated on medicines used in paediatrics, obstetrics and gynaecology, neurology and gastroenterology.

Due to such European philosophy of cooperation, we have succeeded in finding reliable partners in Ukraine and in Europe that work in distribution and manufacturing area.

We understand it is impossible to accomplish the intended strategy efficiently without a smart and cohesive team. And we have assembled such a team of professionals from Vinnytsia and Kyiv.

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